The Fashion Revolutionary with the Never Ending Shopping Day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

    Today has been the longest day of my life! ( I'm so dramatic right?) But anyways, my day was fulfilled of shopping. Which is good because as you all can see I love shopping! *claps hands excitedly*
     First I payed a visit to Ikea Home Furnishing. It was really helpful because I got some new deco ideas for my room. Later on I discovered that behind Ikea store there is a small dock and water front, and as you all know I captured some pictures. Later on I went to my favorite fashion stores and did some shopping, you guys really need to check out Forever 21! It's like the best place in the world!

     My day hasn't end yet and I still have tons of homework to do (I'm procrastinating on homework; bad girl I am I know I know) but I decided to show you guys some photos of my outfit today and give my blog some love, because why not?

Here are some cool pictures from Ikea show rooms: 

I want this to be my room now! Ikea please give it!
I want them all!

This would look so cool!

Okay, Now to the outfit photos: 

My Outfit Deets: 

Shirt: Rainbow
Pants: Forever 21
Scarf: Pay Half 
Shoes: American Eagle
Shades: Gojane


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