Trend On The Rise: June's Wishlist

Monday, June 03, 2013

 I usually do monthly wishlist and use them as shopping list so when I go shopping I already know and have an idea of what I really want. Although I do them monthly I never posted none of my wishlist on the blog before so I decided to post them up every month to show you guys an idea of what I will be looking for the times I go shopping this month of June. 

1. High-Low Skirt : I'm a petite girl, my height is actually 4'11 so it is always hard to find the right High-Low skirt that would accent my height and body. I am currently looking for the right high-low skirt for this summer and I have made it my goal to find one this month of June.

2. Aviators Sunglasses : One of my favorite accessories are sunglasses, but sadly I always end up breaking them. I eventually had a pair of aviator sunglasses which are always in for the summer months however I broke them and so I have to get a new pair ASAP !

3. Bag/Purse : I am the type of girl who loves carrying tons of things around with her but yet has a love/hate relationship with bags. I'm in the need of a new bag since my others are now worm out, but I want a bang that's long enough, big enough but yet not so big.

4. High Waist Swimsuit : I need to get this exact water colored swimsuit ASAP! I love it! I have been looking for a swimsuit with a high waist bikini since forever. I am so glad that Forever21 added this to their collection!

5. Oxford Shoes : Oxfords are a most and the go with almost everything. I had a pair of oxfords before but one day I stepped into car oil by mistake and damaged them which is why I am planning on getting a new pair most probably in black.

6. Denim Overall : I used to love wearing overalls when I was younger! They have made a huge comeback and I can't wait to grasp one in my hands.

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