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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey Loves !
I want to tell you about my current obsession on one of my favorite online fashion stores; Sheinside
I stumbled across this website when I first started blogging a while back and I felt in love, especially with their large variety of in style clothing that can match anyone's style. 
Sheinside has products from dresses all the way to sunglasses and each are all super in style. 
I wanted to show you guys some of the products I'm currently craving from Sheinside,


This dresses are completely screaming Spring and Summer which I love! I'm craving this dresses because they're so colorful and their shapes give the look a very girly but yet sexy style. Dresses like this can be paired with high heels for those sunday day outs and flats for a regular stroll with friends. 


Pastel sweaters are so in style right now, especially now that spring is here. This sweaters are calling my attention with their floral prints and because they're so easy to pair with regular jeans of boyfriend jeans. 


For those days that we have to dress profesional, these are the go to shirts I'm going for. Sheinside has a wide variety of blouses that are perfect for those officie days and they can definitely go with slacks and high heels or pencil skirts. 


I'm in love with this white pants because I've been dying to get white pants for a while now and so far Sheinside has it all. I'm also in love with the high waist shorts and pastel skirt which can go with almost anything for summer and spring outfits. 


Nothing can go wrong with statement accessories because they can really perfect your outfit the best way possible. This are some of the large collection of accessories that Sheinside has and I love them all !

Visit Sheinside website and let me know what you think! 

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