5 Things In Your Life You Can Control

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

With all that goes on our everyday lives and the world around us, it can be easy to lose control of our life. Once we feel we have lost control over our life, we become prone to unhealthy habits which makes us feel unhappy and purposeless. However, it is important to always realize that it only takes a tiny grain of motivation to harvest change in our lives. If you are at a lost point and can’t seem to figure out how to take control of your life, here is what has worked for me:

1. Your beliefs.

Many of have encountered unbalance in our faith or core beliefs systems. Our beliefs are an important aspect of our lives because they shape who we become, our thoughts and actions. My faith is a very important aspect of my life. Spending time with God, whether worshiping, reading the bible or just having a quiet time to meditate on His love for us, automatically has the power to lift my mood. It gives me hope for a better today and a better tomorrow. No matter what you believe in, access your core belief system, and invest more time into it. This way you would start having control over what YOU believe in.

2. What you think about.

We are guilty of having unhealthy thoughts. These type of thoughts come in many shapes and forms. Ever heard that we are what we think? Thinking you are “not capable” of doing something because you failed the first time automatically sets you back from trying a second time. Understanding that we have control over harvesting healthy thoughts is important. Tell yourself  “I am capable, strong, smart, beautiful…” every day you wake up and you will start noticing a big change in your life.

3. What kinds of food you eat.

Yes! This is an important one! Our diet is such an important aspect of our lives because we can also become what we eat. Eating healthy is the first step to feeling rejuvenated and energized. I am not saying you need to go full-on vegetarian or paleo, but making small changes at a time helps. You can start by cutting some processed foods, having a green smoothie after your workout or trading soda for water (MOST IMPORTANT).

4. The people you hang out with.

Have you ever noticed how your behavior changes depending who you are around? As humans, we are always seeking companionship. However, who we seek companionship from is very important because there are many unhealthy relationships, which come in many forms. It hurts nobody to analyze their inner circle group and cut out some people who are just not bringing out the best of you. Saying no is a key step to having control over your life.

5. Your attitude.

Being able to control our attitudes shows that we have control over the tuning of our minds and body. It is important to access how our behavior is not only affecting others but ourselves. There are unhealthy attitudes that only us know we have. Analyzing those behaviors and workings towards changing them can help us control our overall happiness.

Working towards gaining control of your life is no easy task, I know! However, with determination, even if it is in small amounts, we can accomplish this and many more things! What are other ways in which you obtain control over your life? Share your thoughts! - XO Alexa

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